Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We sayed an extra night at Atlantic City to avoid the big thunderstorms that were predicted.  We heard on our VHF radio of hit and miss storms all around us but we never even had a drop of rain.  Our plan was to head out the next morning in the dark to get a jump on the long day ahead and take advantage of the tidal currents.  We got up in time but decided to wait till first light, we saw some light fog rolling over the city.  Good decision, there was active dredging going on in the inlet channel, we needed daylight to avoid the barrels and hoses associated with the dredge.  The fog did roll in, light at first then heavier.  We had a long day.  On and off fog in the morning and direct downwind motor sailing until about an hour outside of Sandy Hook, NJ.  We quickly got anchor down in Atlantic Highlands to prepare for another storm that hit just north of us.  We did get a little rain over night but are wondering if our luck can hold out.

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